Environmental Responsibility

Plug Chargers was founded with the intention to produce and distribute the most efficient and environmentally friendly portable chargers.

With electronic waste becoming a global concern, we decided to make it our mission to help eliminate the amount of e-waste going into landfills around the world. We do our part by creating our chargers from recycled components and ask our customers to recycle responsibly.

As we continue to grow, we remain committed to managing and improving our environmental impact.

Recycling Our Batteries

All we ask of our consumer is to recycle our batteries responsibly.

Here are some instructions and resources to help make an impact.

  • Keep batteries away from water or flammable objects
  • Do not dispose with household waste
  • Responsibly recycle

Follow local laws and regulations for proper battery disposal

Google the nearest recycling facility near you

Check Call2Recycle for assistance in finding convenient recycling options

Our Partners

We work with local recycling organizations to make sure our chargers are disposed of properly. These partnerships create a positive impact in the communities we serve as well as environmental. Plug Chargers continues to seek partners who give back to the community by cleaning the environment or cutting down on waste. If you or your organization wants to work with us please contact us.