Eco-Friendly, Economical & Portable

The next generation of external mobile chargers is here. Plug Chargers has created an eco-friendly, portable charger built with 100% recyclable resources.

Affordable, efficient and small enough to fit in a pocket, each Plug Charger is constructed with recycled electronic parts and equipped with a state-of-the-art, biodegradable casing—providing a smooth, durable surface that is perfect for printing custom designs and logos.

This single-use charger is both cost effective and hassle free. Simply purchase, plug in and go—no outlets required. When your device reaches full battery, discard at any nearby recycling receptacle.

Boost Your

Plug Chargers represents a new and exciting approach to advertising in a modern world. We work with global companies of all sizes around to deliver branded chargers. Use your money wisely and invest in charging technology that provides up to 8 hours of battery life to those that are on the go. Whether you’re looking to enhance current relationships or build new ones, Plug Chargers is practical and will keep your company top of mind.

Power Through
Event Season

Cell phone usage is essential at events, stadiums and entertainment venues. Plug Chargers enhances the customer experience and allows people to stay connected during those moments that matter. Whether they’re sharing positive experiences, linking up with friends, or using popular lifestyle apps…they won’t have to worry about the battery percentage left on their device. Plus, with a fully charged mobile device, customers have access to mobile payment applications. Meaning more opportunities to purchase merchandise, food and beverages.

Charge For
Any Adventure

Low battery is a universal problem due to the advancements and integration of mobile technology. Travelers have access to electronic tickets, in-flight entertainment, navigation apps and many more. However, with so many electronic capabilities, our batteries are draining faster than ever. Whether you’re hiking to a remote location or skiing down the slopes, you need a power source to keep you safe and connected. We’ve developed an affordable, efficient and portable external charger that connects to your device whenever you need a boost.

Maintain Your
Active Lifestyle

Modern technology has revolutionized the world we live in. Every day we interact with sophisticated tools and resources that make our lives better, faster and easier. Our portable batteries are becoming an appealing option for power, due to the low cost and versatility. A fully-charged phone always comes in handy whether it’s a dinner with friends, after work social, or a safe ride home. With Plug Chargers, there’s no excuse for your mobile device to shut down before you do.